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Inventions and Innovations

Posted on December 26, 2010

Some of the best inventions have been mere innovations on previous inventions that existed. Many inventions have been discovered in response to a need in society or within business. For example, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in order to improve business and speed up production. Innovations like this one have been going on for hundreds of years. Even early man was determined to come up with innovations of his own, such as the wheel which still plays a vital role in our lives today. Inventions are important to our development as a society and as individuals. Inventions express the creativity of their creators and the resulting innovations can be used by many. The benefits associated with inventions are usually positive in nature and the innovations are beneficial to the advancement of whichever realm they are in. Inventions can be in any field or discipline and when true innovations develop the world will rapidly assume them. Here are some innovations and inventions that have been developed and have taken their place in history:

1.) The Airplane. Inventions made in the field of air space began with the development of the airplane by the Wright Brothers in 1903. Innovations designed by these brothers are still used today and a lot of other inventions were sparked from their original ideas and creative minds. Airplane design has come a long way since 1903, but the early innovations of these brothers began the industry that has become what it is today.

2.) Tape. Inventions come in all sizes and levels of importance. The innovations of the mind of Richard G. Drew developed adhesive tape. For some of us, we use tape every day and may not know the origin of its production or the process of innovations that came from this invention. Tape was originally developed by Drew in order to make the job of a painter easier.

3.) Scuba Gear.  Inn 1943, french inventor Jacques-Yves Cousteau, invented what is now considered modern scuba gear. This was a remarkable invention that allowed humans to breath under water for an extensive amount of time. A useful and needed invention scuba gear is still used, but the technology has been adapted, changed and refined over the years. The invention created and opened a whole new market and industry in the economy. Tourists, researchers and others utilize this invention to scour the depths of the ocean. Whether it is for recreation or science this invention provides the means for people to breathe under water and enjoy the atmosphere the depths of the sea has to offer.

Inventions should not be taken for granted, no matter how big or how small. Creativity and innovation will continue to produce new products from inventive minds all over the world.  If you have an idea that you think may turn into a usable and excellent or even a basic invention for use, you should consider filing for a patent on that idea or invention. The patent will enable you to gain the rights to your idea and help you maintain those rights when your product has hit the market and you are able to sell it to the general public.

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